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Cities and Culture in the Middle Ages, 1100-1550

Dr Eliza Hartrich (History), Dr James Cook (Music), and I are organising an exploratory workshop on cities and culture in the Middle Ages, 1100-1550, at the University of Sheffield on Friday 19 May. The aim of the workshop is to set up a truly interdisciplinary and international network of scholars working on all aspects of cultural production and reception in urban contexts.

Compunction in the Middle Ages

Following two excellent and thought-provoking session at the IMC in July 2016, Dr Graham Williams and I are keen to publish a volume on the various functions, performances, and experiences of compunction in the Middle Ages (including contrition as part of penance). We are hoping to expand the remit of contributions further across the fields of theology, linguistics, literature, and history: if you are interested in participating in such a volume, please send an abstract of max. 500 words to by Wednesday 31 August.

SITM 2016 in Durham

On Sunday 10 July 2016 I’ll be presenting a paper on performing sermons in late medieval England at the triennial Société Internationale pour l’Étude du Théâtre Médiéval (& Records of Early English Drama-North East) Colloquium. I’ll also feature in the Lydgate mumming for the Mercers of London on the Monday evening.

For some images of the theatrical performances, see:

Contrition in the Middle Dutch Beatrijs

On 15 June 2016 I’ll be presenting a Germanic Studies Research Seminar at the University of Sheffield on the complicated nature of sorrow and contrition, and the importance of confession in the Middle Dutch poem Beatrijs. And at the IMC in Leeds (session 1639) I shall address the relationship between contrition and sorrow in this poem in greater detail.


Divine (In)Justice in Classical Antiquity and the Middle Ages

On Friday 4 November the Medieval and Ancient Research Centre at the University of Sheffield will host my conference ‘Divine (In)Justice in Classical Antiquity and the Middle Ages’. Professor Tim Whitmarsh (A.G. Leventis Professor of Greek Culture at the University of Cambridge) will deliver the plenary and Professor John Arnold (Professor of Medieval History at Birkbeck) will act as respondent. The deadline for submissions is 30 June 2016. Papers may consider all aspects of divine (in)justice during the period (roughly 8th century B.C.E. to 1500 C.E.), from a variety of disciplinary angles, including literary, historical, artistic, and theological. Medieval culture, its concept of justice, and its major religions were undeniably influenced by classical traditions, and this conference seeks to explore continuities and divergences between these two periods in order to shed further light on the various factors that determine the conceptualisation and representation of divine justice, and define its role in society.

CfP Divine (In)Justice


London Medieval Society

I am delighted to have been invited to give a paper at the London Medieval Society‘s colloquium on medieval revelry on Saturday 7 May 2016. I’ll be talking about the emotional appeal of late medieval English Abraham and Isaac plays. The keynote will be delivered by Professor Meg Twycross (Lancaster University) and Professor John McGavin (University of Southampton) will act as responder.

Abraham and Isaac


Contrition and compunction at IMC Leeds 2016

Together with Dr Graham Williams I am organising several interdisciplinary sessions on compunction and contrition at the International Medieval Congress at Leeds in 2016. We have lined up an exciting range of speakers, including Dr Ayoush Lazikani (University of Oxford), Andrew Mellas (University of Sidney), Dr Anne Schuurman (University of Western Ontario), and Dr Catherine Batt (University of Leeds).